— On Zientzia video contest‘s 9th edition, organized by Donostia International Physics Center and Elhuyar. If you like science and video editing, this could be a really interesting challenge for you. The aim of this contest is to promote the production and dissemination of short (up to 5 minutes) and original videos that foment positive and progress values of science and technology. The subject is totally up to you, and the video must be accessible to all audiences.

The prizes include:

–          3,000 euros for the best video

–          Young prize (under 18): 1,000 euros for the best video

–          500 euros for the most voted video on the website

The competition is open until 24 April 2019. http://www.onzientzia.tv/en/

Additional links:

* Provocative title, but discusses WEDO data and trends in the delegations this year: The Unbearable Maleness of the UN Climate Talks.