Women in Fisheries – Fiji (WiFN-Fiji) Governance Structure

WiFN-Fiji is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act (Cap. 67). The Governance structure comprises of a Board of Trustees and an Executive Board.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the Network’s compliance with the requirements of the Charitable Trusts Act. The Board of Trustees has three venerable members who are Mrs. Suliana Siwatibau, Ms. Mereia Volavola and Dr. Garry Wiseman.

The Executive Board is responsible for the management and control of the affairs of the Network. It’s members are: Dr. Milika Sobey (Chairperson), Ms. Hamidan Bibi, Dr. Sangeeta Mangubhai, Ms. Cherie Morris, Dr. Tim Pickering, Ms. Mereseini Senioli, Ms. Lanieta Vakadewabuka and Ms. Meretui Ratunabuabu.