In 2021, WiFN-Fiji assisted 950 women-fishers across the provinces of Rewa, Tailevu, Ra and Ba with unconditional cash transfers. The aim of the project was to provide financial assistance to women fishers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly targeting communities who have been engaged in past projects and training by the Women in Fisheries Network-Fiji, Network members from communities, market vendors who were interviewed and other women fishers in the four target provinces.

The objectives were to:
● Financially assist women who rely on fisheries produce for their livelihood
● Create an initiative and relationship with women fishers by financially assisting them in contributing to food security and the sustainability of their livelihoods.
● Be part of the partners and government effort in assisting those affected by COVID-19 in Fiji
● Sourcing information of those affected by COVID-19 in the fisheries sector and analyzing the impact of the financial response
● Data collected from those assisted in this project will contribute to the women in fisheries baseline which is currently being established in the Network.

The final report can be accessed in the link below.

Financial Assistance for Women in Fisheries in Fiji affected by COVID-19 – WIFN-Fiji Report