Too Big To Ignore (TBTI)  is a research network and knowledge mobilization partnership established to elevate the profile of small-scale fisheries (SSF).  TBTI has a has newly established research cluster called Women & Gender

In a November 2016 TBTI webinar three leading specialists in women and fisheries presented on the topic of gender and fisheries in the webinar titled ‘Gendered Coasts’.

The key discussion points were:

1 Gender in fisheries overview

2 Theoretical challenges and opportunities

3 Gender analysis of the SSF Guidelines

4 Goals for the TBTI Gender Cluster

Have a listen to the webinar and/or read the PDF of the presentation:

Webinar –

PDF file – Gendered Coasts

About the TBTI Women and Gender Cluster

Women are an important agent of small-scale fisheries (SSF) where they accomplish different tasks from pre-harvesting operations to first sale and administration. However, women’s involvement in fisheries is poorly documented and their contribution is often not recognized, either economically or administratively. Due to a lack of recognition of their role and because of gender related inequality and inequity that prevails in society, their needs are not properly addressed and are insufficiently studied.

The new TBTI ‘Women & Gender’ cluster aims to tackle this knowledge gap and address the issue at the policy level. The cluster will also contribute to theoretical and methodological development in the field.