20 JULY 2020

The Women in Fisheries Network – Fiji (WiFN-Fiji) launched its Rapid Care Analysis (RCA) Report today at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel, Suva.

In August 2019, the RCA was conducted to help fisheries communities in the Districts of Navolau and Nakorotubu in the Province of Ra, to understand care work in their communities and find practical solutions to problematic tasks and patterns of care.

“Women in homes and communities around the world are responsible for the majority of unpaid care and domestic work which is not often valued. Such work enables other family members to live comfortably and contributes to their well-being. Finding ways to change social norms so deeply engraved in our customs and practices in Fiji is challenging let alone explaining modern participatory methods and terms in vernacular” said Chairperson Cherie Morris.

“If you are a woman, you can totally relate to the time use stories of the women in Navolau and Nakorotubu districts where leisure is only a small part of their lives. This exercise enabled both men and women in these districts to reflect on themselves and their individual participation in unpaid work and helped them realize that setting an example for the next generation is important to them” she added.

Morris shared that the RCA was an eye-opener in itself and is a milestone achievement for the organization.

“We are proud as a Network to have taken the first step towards shifting power and voices in the communities’ in Ra, share the many lessons learned in doing so and plan for the way ahead in making a difference for the better”

The report is now accessible on the WiFN-Fiji website:


Seated: Chief Guest Hon Mereseini Vuniwaqa (middle), WiFN-Fiji Chairperson Cherie Morris (left), Oxfam in the Pacific Regional Director Raijeli Nicole (right) with stakeholders.

Community members from the Navolau and Nakorotubu District with WiFN Fiji Chairperson Cherie Morris (left), Minister for Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation Hon. Mereseini Vuniwaqa and Oxfam in the Pacific Regional Director Ms Raijeli Nicole (right).

About Women in Fisheries Network – Fiji

The Women in Fisheries Network – Fiji (WiFN-Fiji) mission is to facilitate networks and partnerships to enable opportunities for women to be informed about all aspects of sustainable fisheries in Fiji and to increase the meaningful participation of women in decision-making and management at all levels of sustainable fisheries in Fiji.



For more information, please contact: Joeli, Project Officer, Women in Fisheries Network – Fiji, Email:, Mobile: +679 9059880