The Decline of Mud Crabs in Fiji and What We Can Do To Revive Populations – Tarusila Veibi and Kini Ravonoloa on Domonivanua Radio show

Tarusila Veibi & Kini Ravonolo at FBC Domonivanua radioshow. Credit: Set Size Fiji

As part of the Set Size campaign, WIFN-Fiji member Tarusila Veibi from the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area network, together with her FLMMA colleague, Kini Ravonoloa,  were part of a Fbc Fiji Broadcasting Corporation radio show to discuss the decline of the mud crabs in Fiji and how to revive populations.

They discussed how  a major contributor to the decline of the mud crab population in Fiji is a result of  catching the crabs before they reach sexual maturity, resulting in a reproduction and recruitment rate that is to low to support sustainability.  Among other suggestions, Tarusila and Kini urge the people of Fiji, that in order  for there to be enough crabs for future generations to enjoy, fishers of today should allow crabs to reach sexual maturity before harvesting them.

Callers to the show agreed that the crab stocks were declining and were eager to ask Tarusila and Kini questions with regards to the mud crab industry.

For more on the talk-show, have a listen and share the video below.

A big Vinaka to FBC, Set Size Campaign, cChange, and FLMMA