“Through need based training and capacity development, the Fiji based Women in Fisheries Network hopes to aid women’s value-added participation in the fisheries sector”

International Collective in Support of Fisheries (ICSF) is an international NGO that amongst other things aims at monitoring and disseminating issues that relate to fishworkers through its quarterly newsletter which publishes articles relating to gender and fisheries.

Yemaya’s 54th issue, features an article about the Women in Fisheries Network (WiFN) by Loata Leweiqila, coordinator of WiFN-Fiji.

In her article she highlights; how women participation in subsistence and commercial fishing is overlooked, how The Women in Fisheries Network- Fiji aims to empower women fishers and to bring their importance into national spotlight, and discusses a national women in fisheries forum that was hosted by WiFN to commemorate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2017. The forum created a space to openly discuss the issues and challenges faced by women.

Follow the link to view Loata’s full article in Yemaya.