Group photo at the Forum. Source: WiFN-Fiji Twitter

Fiji, a country surrounded by more ocean than it has land, is blessed with marine resources worth billions. Unfortunately, it is usually men that get recognized as practitioners  and utilizers of Marine Resources.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day , Women in Fisheries Fiji Together with Wildlife Conservation Society – Fiji and the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Areas network hosted a National Forum, aimed at recognizing and empowering fisherwomen and to create a space for dialogue to communicate issues, needs and priorities of women fishers

Source: WiFN-Fiji Twitter

The forum brought together stakeholders including representatives from fishing communities to discuss the latest science, management, development and policy on women in the fisheries sector.

Considered a success, forum was also used as a platform for WiFN-Fiji to build on.


The day was structured into 2 segments. The morning session was mainly for speakers and the ‘talanoa session ‘ in the afternoon.  I could say the forum was a success as it highlighted the way forward for the Network . It has provided a good platform for the Network to leverage its function in raising the profile and recognition of women in fisheries.”  Loata Leweniqila, WiFN Coordinator.


Stay tuned for summaries from each of the speakers.

Loata Leweniqila at the Forum. Source: WiFN-Fiji Twitter